About Organic Coconut Oil

We recommend that you purchase Organic Expeller-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil made from fresh coconuts without the use of heat (Cold Pressed), which is what we carry at BetterBody Foods & Nutrition.

As with most products, Coconut Oil is produced in a number of ways for commercial use and consumption.  The most common is a chemical process that produces RBD Coconut Oil.  RBD stands for refined, bleached and deodorized and it is generally flavorless.  The second process, known as fermentation, is the traditional way in which Coconut Oil is separated from the copra.  Essentially, coconut water is placed in a large vat and allowed to spoil, forming semi-solid chunks of oil that are removed.  Coconut Oil created by this process can have an unusual taste and spoils very quickly due to a high moisture content.  At BetterBody Foods & Nutrition, we use a cold-pressed, mechanical (or expeller-pressed process) using fresh Coconuts (not dried copra) that preserves all of the nutrients and natural agents of the Coconut to maximize the health benefits.  It also ensures that the Coconut Oil has an extraordinarily long shelf life (up to 2 years).  Our extra-virgin oil (EVO) has a light coconut aroma and minimal flavor that ensures it meets the standard of all of our products, which is that it must be Delicious and Nutritious. You will taste and feel the difference.  Enjoy!